11 August 2012 (Saturday) - Teston Kite Festival

Another early brekkie. Early brekkie is such a good idea: we get so much more done with the day. In a novel break with tradition the wind was blowing, so I got a kite out. The wind stopped. I put the kite away. The wind started from a different direction. I tried a different kite. I mucked about trying different kites for over an hour before giving up in disgust. In the end young Morgan (who was visiting) did better with the kite than I did.

We had a rather good lump of melon with lunch, and just as I was scoffing my bread and cheese we had a flying visit from an ex-Teston warden to tell us that there was a meeting at 5.30pm to discuss the future of the Teston kite festivals. That was worrying. The new wardens came round collecting camping fees; I asked them what the meeting was all about; they said that the council would no longer run the event and that the council was looking for someone else to take it on. The implication being that the kite club who were currently seen to be running the event weren't actually running it at all and wouldn't be running it in future.
As the afternoon wore on I was asked my opinion on the matter from many different people. Would I take the event on? I wasn't keen to do so, but if no-one else would do so, then I would (with a little help from my friends). Fortunately for my nerves we hosted Rhiannon's birthday tea during the afternoon. Chocolate cake and party rings were shared by loads of friends. Good times !

Finally 5.30pm arrived. Everyone convened for the meeting and a disgruntled council ex-employee made an announcement which turned out to be factually at odds with what the wardens had told me during the afternoon. The chap who had been thought to be the event organiser seemed to be rather miffed at the fact that the meeting had been called, and he said that things would carry on regardless next year. He did seem rather reticent about some of the details of some people's concerns and worries, but the meeting ended amicably with the promise that next year we will have two kite festivals at Teston. I've told the organiser that I will do anything and everything I can to help; from here on in all we can do is to await developments.

Whilst we had our meeting "Daddies Little Angel TM" had been sailing downstream in a rubber dingy. We got a phone call from her to say she and her crew (Sabrina and Sid the dog) had arrived on the shores of Yalding (some ten miles downstream), and would we drive out to fetch them?

Tea was nice - stir fry is always good. I am reliably informed that it is better when all the ingredients are added, but I scoffed it just the same. And with the tea stuff cleared away we drank beer and port until the stars came out...

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