9 May 2010 (Sunday) - Bluebells

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a dog fan. I can’t see the attraction. Even dog owners don’t like other people’s dogs. There are some people who take the trouble to train their dog, but these people are few and far between.

I spent half an hour wide awake from 5am this morning listening to next door’s dogs screaming. They don’t bark – they scream. Eventually, from the grumbles I could hear through the wall, it would seem that the people next door also get fed up with listening to their dogs, and went to stop the noise. After some shouting and some whining there was silence.

The doorbell has returned. Apparently it fell off whilstMy Boy TM ” was lugging his fishing tackle out of the house last weekend. Rather than reattaching it (it’s cordless and has sticky patches, so it only needs to be pushed on the door frame), he put it in his car, and has been driving round with the thing all week. He claimed that with us being on holiday, if he wasn’t home, there was no point in anyone ringing the doorbell anyway. I suppose there is some logic to that.

He’s getting ready for his fishing adventure in France, and this morning we dug out his old rucksack (complete with his name spelt wrong), and I’ve lent him my old camera.

I had planned to visit a caravan site in Rochester today. I’m getting very keen on buying a static caravan on a Haven Holidays site. The sites are open for nine months of the year, and you can use the thing during that time. And the site management will rent out your caravan for you when you’re not using it. Whilst you don’t make a fortune in profits, most people who’ve done this seem to think you cover your costs by hiring the caravan out to the normal people. You can do a reduced rate for family and friends, and you still get a weekend break half a dozen times a year.

The only drawback would seem to be having to stump up twenty per cent of the price of the caravan up front. With caravans being about thirty thousand quid, twenty per cent of that is a tad out of my pocket at the moment. However a little research showed me there’s other caravan firms that do similar deals on cheaper caravans. Within five minutes I found several within an hour’s drive of home that all look quite good.

I think I shall do a tad more research before committing myself to anything.

We then went to a friend’s wood to look at the bluebells, which are particularly spectacular at the moment. And then we joined said friends for a crafty half in the pub. After the obligatory Sunday afternoon in Lidls, I spent a couple of hours doing two week’s ironing, and then fought with Facebook. I’ve given up trying to upload more than a couple of photos there. Instead, I’ve put my holiday snaps here, and as the slideshow on the blog.

And then I went back to NeverWinter. I wonder what’s been going on in there….

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