7 May 2010 (Friday) - Back into Weymouth

Again I was the first one out of my pit this morning. I switched on the news, and we spent an hour or so listening to the pundits speculating on the political situation. We decided that we were on holiday, and that no actual news would emerge for some days so we switched to CBeebies. Far more entertaining.

After a bite of brekky we left the girls cleaning the caravan (they love it!) whilst we took littleun shopping. Morrisons was scary this morning. A vicar was getting her shopping. I suppose vicars need to shop too, but in their vicar-ing costumes? Uncle Fester was sweeping the floor, and the bearded lady was operating the checkout.

Back to the caravan to collect the girlie types, and we then took the bus to Weymouth. Fortunately there was a major hold up on the road as a caravan was being delivered, and we caught the bus. If aver you find yourself needing to catch a bus in Weymouth, don’t rely on their timetables; our bus was leaving ten minutes too early. As we got off he warned us not to be late for the last bus (6.20pm) as that was the only bus he ever made a point of driving on time.

The plan was to have a decent meal for our last full day. But before we ate we thought we’d have a pint in The Boot. The Boot is a traditional old-style boozer, and I suppose (in retrospect) that turning up with a push chair wasn’t the brightest of ideas. I find myself in two minds over the episode. One the one hand I like having a traditional boozer. On the other, I didn’t like being told we couldn’t bring the puch chair into a completely empty bar.

We downed a quick pint outside in the cold, and made our way back to the Red Lion. We’d been there on Sunday, and they had heaters outside. So even if they weren’t bub-friendly, we’d be OK. And we were OK. I attempted to obtain their Doom Bar beer mat, but failed.

And then we decided we were hungry, and across the harbour we could see the Ship Inn. With a great big sign saying they did food all day. So we went into find the kitchen was closed. As was every chip shop along the sea front.

So we took the bus back to Littlesea and ate in the complex there. The food was surprisingly good. Such a shame their beer selection wasn’t up to much.

We spent the evening photographing the sunset, and watched various comedies on the telly until we managed to blow the fuse on the caravan’s lighting circuit. Woops!

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