15 May 2010 (Saturday) - Watching Telly

As today was the one Saturday a month I work, I was up early. It’s become something of a tradition (i.e. expected) that I bring in doughnuts on a Saturday so I went via Tesco’s where I picked up a “Best of Roxy Music” CD for a fiver. I thought it might make better listening that the usual drivel on the radio. I was amazed to find that most of it was released years before some of my colleagues were born.

I had hoped to go fishing this afternoon, but an I.T. issue at work meant that by the time I’d got home and had a sarnie it was nearly two o’clock. So I popped “Day of the Triffids” on the DVD player, and slept through that instead.

And whilst still waiting for ‘er indoors TM to come home from flogging candles, I thought I’d watch a bit more telly. Superman IV was on the “Living” channel – I can remember going to see that film at the cinema all those years ago.
When it finished, I channel-hopped. Tommy Walsh was flogging a novelty paint brush on one of fifty shopping channels. I found half a dozen specifically gay-interest channels I never knew existed. I found the Renault channel and the Ocean Finance channel. And a hundred mucky ones.

Doctor Who was good tonight – possibly the best episode of the current series so far. And did you see the trailer for next week…. I want to say so much more, but there are those of my loyal readers who would kick me if I did.
And then I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve heard about the program “Over The Rainbow” – mainly through seeing trailers before Doctor Who. And seeing I was still waiting for my beloved to come home, I thought I’d see what I was missing…. Oh dear!
Have you ever seen it – please tell me you haven’t. It is truly the worst television I have ever seen. And I’ve been watching the thing for over forty years. Four wannabe-bimbos sing and dance, and four “sort-of celebrities” give their opinions of the wannabe-bimbos efforts whilst Graham Norton compares the thing. He might try comparing it to a real TV show.
It has been said that I am very intolerant of my fellow man, and that I have a low opinion of the general public. That may be the case, but I honestly believe that if the official viewing figures are correct, then over five and a half million people must need serious help. I have never seen such tedious, trivial and banal drivel masquerading as peak time entertainment. And for those who might use the argument that there is nothing else on, I would suggest that with a thousand channels available surely anything on any other channel would be preferable to that tat.

I laid down for a few minutes to calm my nerves, and then turned to BBC2. “Dad’ Army” in black and white was entertaining, and then I found a new “River Cottage” series. I do like Hugh Furry-Wellyboot. In tonight’s episode he was hosing out a cowshed with a view to turning it into a kitchen. His shows are witty, entertaining, and for the most part ignored by the general public. Why does something this good fail to attract an audience when Graham Norton’s drivel seems to draw in the viewers like flies to a dog dirt?

‘er indoors TM finally staggered home shortly after nine o’clock. Brandishing cakes from her sister, so clearly the day hadn’t been entirely wasted…

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