8 May 2010 (Saturday) - Home Again

Up early to pack. Why do I always bring so much with me? What on earth was I thinking when I brought the shoe polishing gear? I probably wore about 30 – 40% of the clothes I brought along.

Auntie arrived, and we all sat down for a full English brekky together. I had this plan to get away relatively early, but by the time we’d loaded the cars, had brekky and washed up, we didn’t get away until after mid day. A rather uneventful drive soon had us back at Fleet services. I fancied KFC, and ordered some. The chap taking my order seemed relatively useless, but was still streets ahead of the girl at the next till who was hollering for “chicken borrox”. I dread to think what “chicken borrox” is, and can only hope that the recipient of this delicacy got what they were hoping for.

And so home to find the doorbell missing, dead fish in the fish tank, no milk, a kitchen full of mouldy bread and the laundry basket overflowing with other people’s dirty clothing. I then spent the evening putting the washing machine through its paces to sort out the holiday backlog.

The holiday’s over… a shame Facebook flatly refuses to take the photos I’ve been trying to upload. In the meantime, I hope my loyal readers enjoy the photo from the gents in The Boot….

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