18 May 2010 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Last Friday I mentioned I bought new work trousers. Yesterday evening I found another pair of new work trousers that I must have bought at some point and forgotten about. Oh well – I shall keep them in reserve until I burst out of the new pair.

I phoned Kent County Council’s highways department to have a whinge about the lack of gully cleaning. On three separate occasions over the last month the council has banned parking up our road so’s they can do gully cleaning, and then not actually cleaned the gullies. I’m not bothered about the gullies, but it’s a pain having to park three streets away only to find they’d wasted my time (again). When I phoned them this morning there was an automated reminder that they might record the phone call for “quality and training purposes”. I hope they did.

First off I spoke to Adrian who didn’t have a clue. He asked me if gully cleaning was something that the council did. And then he put me on hold to find out what gully cleaning was. He then transferred me to Betty who also put me on hold for ages. She eventually came back to say that she’d spoken with Janice who was trying to find the paperwork, and when they found it she would phone me back. I asked when that might be. She had no idea. Paperwork would seem to be elusive stuff.

Over on Facebook I read something which made me chuckle. Two Facebook-ers are complaining about someone who they’ve added to their Facebook friends list because of a presumed mutual interest in kiting. However it seems that having added this person, they’ve found he doesn’t fly kites, and they have no idea who that person is. And now they are suspecting he’s a Russian gangster or worse.

I find it rather ironic because both of the people involved in the whinge both added me to their friends list because they saw I had friends on Facebook who flew kites. Even though neither of them have ever met me, or have any idea who I am.

In the meantime do the names “Gareth James” or “Allen Taylor” ring any bells with my loyal readers? I’ve Facebook requests from both, and I don’t think I know either of them.


  1. Gareth James eh? that'll be me then. Friend of Keff & Genie, member of EKG, kiteweekenders, Webgeek of Fookiters.com etc. A real kite flyer and not a profile farmer. Sure we have met at portsmouth and maybe a couple of other festivals in '09.

  2. who is Gareth James eh? That'll be me then ;) EKG member, friends of Keef & Genie, Dick, C22ln Etc @ kiteweekenders, webgeek of fookiters.com. Basically a real kiter, not a profile farmer. Pretty sure we met at one of the festivals last year.. probably portsmouth. Cheers.. G