19 May 2010 (Wednesday) - In The Shed

After a rather grim day at work I came home to mow the lawn. And then wrestled with the contents of the shed trying to put the lawnmower away.

I wondered if space would be an issue when we got the shed. But I was assured it wouldn’t be a problem as “My Boy TM ” was going to be getting a smaller shed for his fishing gear. Oh so he said, all those years ago. The current shed arrived on April 4, 2008 and his fishing gear has been “temporarily residing” in it ever since. Despite having no expenses other than beer, he never has any money to buy himself a smaller shed.

Tonight I’d had enough, and stripped out all the tat that littered the shed in an effort to get some space back. How many fishing bivvies can anyone use? I found three. And despite a huge rod bag there were several loose fishing rods: some of them mine, some I think might be mine - I don’t know (!) And then I found the “hench beast”. I mentioned about the “hench beast” in a blog entry in June 2008. It's a metal thing which “My Boy TM had plans to screw on his car somewhere and it would make a noise. Or so he claimed. Two years later it’s still in the shed.

I also found a push-along lawn mower. If any of my loyal readers want a push-along lawn mower, do let me know, or it will be going up the tip shortly. And in the meantime perhaps I might spend some time looking for a bike locker so’s I can get the bikes out of the shed…

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