17 May 2010 (Monday) - Bit Dull, Really

I think something’s gone awry with the blog software. According to my Blogger dashboard (some high-tech thingie I use behind the scenes), yesterday saw my three hundred and sixty fifth blog entry. However bearing in mind that I started blogging here at the beginning of June last year, I wasn’t expecting that landmark until the end of May. Odd!

I see I might have been wrong about the new government. They’ve announced there is to be no redundancies in the NHS. I had a sneaking suspicion I was up for the push.

They have also announced that they aren’t going to go along the ludicrous route of performance related pay in which staff run themselves ragged to finance their manager’s bonuses. Now I’m assured that savings won’t go in managers’ pockets, I shall be more inclined to make some.

Still, it’s not quite the second week of the new governmental alliance yet. Let’s see how things progress; it’s still early days.

Being on a late start I then spent a little time working on my CPD project. In order to stay State Registered, I legally have to do a certain amount of educational and training activities in my own time and at my own expense (it sucks!). So I’m completely revising and revamping a training website I devised a year or two ago. If nothing else, it’s something to do when I’m bored.

On April 26 I blogged about cashing in the service plan on the old car, and I said how difficult getting the money back was proving to be. It’s not gotten any easier in the last three weeks. Alex at the finance company said it’s up to the garage to reimburse me. Sue at the garage said it’s nothing to do with them. Neither seemed as though they could care less. After all it’s not their money.

Eventually the finance company admitted they’d refunded the money to the garage. Which seemed odd as the garage insisted that the policy was between me and the finance company.

But after some more to-ing and fro-ing the garage said they’d post me a cheque. Let’s hope so – it might just cover my phone bill for this morning’s argy-bargy.

Twitter update: I’ve tweeted three more times today. I think it fair to say the novelty is fast wearing off…

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