1 May 2010 (Saturday) - Off on Holiday

In a novel break with tradition, ‘er indoors TM didn’t drive us to Weymouth. As I had a new car to get used to, I thought I’d drive for a change. And as I’ve said before, apart from a sixth gear, it’s virtually identical to my old car. So I hope my loyal readership will forgive my surprise when I got out of the car at the Fleet services and was amazed to find I was driving a blue car, and not the silver which I’d got used to.

Fleet services were entertaining, featuring contingents of SuperTeds and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. I can only imagine there was a fancy dress contest somewhere along the M3. As we drove through the rain we listened to an annoying rattling in the car, which we eventually traced to the passenger side sun shade. I shall thump that later. We knew we weren’t in Kent any more – as we got closer to Weymouth we saw something that we’d not seen in Kent. They had “Vote Labour” signs. And lots of them too.

We eventually got to our home for the week – Auntie’s caravan in Littlesea Holiday Park, and having unpacked we set off for shopping. Assorted scoff, and just a few bottles of beer to wash down our steak dinner.

And then we watched a film – 2012. I say “watched a film” - I watched the film. Everyone else fell asleep.

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