5 May 2010 (Wednesday) - Slobbing About

For a change I was the first one up and about this morning, and after the obligatory crossword session and some brekky and some telly we found it was mid day. We’d got so engrossed in CBeebies that the time just flew by. It’s quite amazing how kiddies TV has changed over the years. Gone are the days of Rosie & Jim and the Riddlers. Postman Pat now has an aeroplane. Thomas the Tank Engine has been replaced by Chuggington (good!!), and the whole lot is introduced by a unidextrous fit bird. Woof!

We wandered down to the campsite complex to have a look-see. The bar wasn’t offering anything I’d go mad over, but it was a decent enough place to be in, and after a bottle of brown ale we went swimming. There were rumours of a fit lifeguard, but every time I looked there was only a scruffy spotty speccy oik on the lifeguard podium. After we came out, I went back with my glasses on (so’s I could see) but was unable to find any fit lifeguards. I’m thinking it was all a wind up.

Whilst littlun had a snooze (swimming had worn her out) some of the bigguns walked along the footpaths to Chickerell where we got artistic with the cameras. On the way back we walked back to our caravan the long way, and had a good nose at some of the other caravans on site. I have this vague plan to get a caravan….

And then up to Alf’s chip shop to get some tea. Alf does the best chips for miles around, has won awards, and it’s worth visiting just to hear him arguing with Mrs Alf and the children. This evening his daughter’s mate was getting stick for not visiting the dentist. Alf was encouraging all his customers to reprimand the poor girl. I joined in – it would have been rude not to.

A minor bit of excitement – when we got there was a strange looking child outside our caravan. Said child was performing weird dances. But he seemed happy enough, so we left him to it and scoffed out cod and chips, before I wandered down to the complex to fetch ice creams.

Fish and chips and ice cream. Being on holiday is hard work….


  1. We used to have to have Teletubbies on for Lauren. Trouble was after about 20 minutes I would look around at the room full of entranced adults, all engrossed in Teletubbies....but no child. She had wandered off after the first 5 minutes whilst the rest of us continued totally absorbed.

  2. Photograph of beer and food? Strange sense of De Ja Vue!