5 March 2010 (Friday) - Oh - The Thinks You Can Think

I forgot to get some dinner on the way to work today, so at lunch time I popped into the works canteen. I fancied one of their baguettes, which are made to order with a range of fillings. I was rather intrigued by the look of a bowl of yellow baguette filling, and asked the disinterested assistant what it was. “Dunno” she answered, in a tone which said “don’t know, don’t care”. She looked at me, and I just looked back at her. After a lengthy pause she sighed, and bellowed at an equally disinterested (and equally spotty) colleague to ask for a second opinion. After a brief conference, they both announced it probably had sausages in it. In the end I settled for a tuna and chutney baguette.

And then to the Hazlitt theatre for the Suessical. As it was my Xmas present I’d been looking forward to it for some time. An amateur dramatic production based on the Doctor Suess classic “Horton Hears a Who”. In retrospect, I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what we saw. Don’t get me wrong - the show was good – I did enjoy it. But I think that as a relatively experienced fan of the entire Suess genre, and having spent years reading Suess to both of my children, I was expecting more. I did think that a real live Star-On/Star-Off machine would be ambitious, but there were no Sneetches, no Zax, no twenty-three Daves, no little cats A – Z, no big pink cat ring, no Voom!, and no Sam-I-Am. And where, oh where was Sylvester McMonkey McBean?

Nevertheless, like most am-dram productions it was really good fun, despite the failings of the sound system. I was quite taken with the fat ballerina (bless), whose thigh was thicker than most of the other ballerinas entire bodies. But she was having a go.

I had a moment’s worry when I realised that Joker from Batman was playing the part of “Thing Two”, but no one was murdered, so perhaps I might have been mistaken.

Daddies Little Angel TM ” was utterly unimpressed with the whole thing, her favourite parts of the show being the interval and the end. Apparently Daddy does Doctor Suess better…

(It’s been brought to my attention that parents today don’t read Suess to their children. Heresy!!!)


  1. I remember someone else who got upset because she wanted a baguette, but they were too expensive so she had to settle for a sandwich. She mentioned it a couple of times.

  2. As such an expert on Seuss, you should at least know how to spell it x

  3. If you want to record bedtime stories for Baby Z I'm quite happy for them to be Seuss based!

    Although I do remember the carosel in Seuss Landing being the most uncomfortable thing I've ever ridden on!!!

  4. My son loved the books when he was small

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