15 March 2010 (Monday) - More Shopping

I woke up at 4am bursting for a tiddle, but didn’t go. Instead I lay in bed in increasing agony until 7.30am at which time I could hold it in no more, and so finally got out of my pit. Why do I do this? I could have had three hours more sleep, but no.

To the computer. Facebook is having an “International 'Blackadder' status day” today (apparently), so I went with a status from when Brian Blessed was in Blackadder. It would seem that I was alone in doing this. Oh well – I’m usually in a minority, so no change on that front.

I then played around with Google Street View, calling up pictures of my mother’s house, and some addresses I know in the Brighton area. I see the crackpot looney lefties are insisting that the whole concept of Google Street View is an invasion of privacy and is breaching all our human rights. They even insist it is a god-send to burglars. I can’t see how that argument works. But on reflection, I can’t help but wonder how much it cost to set up. Photographing every street in the country couldn’t have been cheap.

And so shopping - first of all back to World of Water to get new innards for the pond filter. Google Maps said a round trip would take me fifty minutes. I took seventy-five. But I got the new quartz tube gubbins for only fifteen quid. Let's hope that works and doesn't leak - a whole new filter unit will cost ten times that amount. I’ll play with it in the morning before work.

Then to Jewsons for gravel boards. I don’t know if they had what I wanted. I asked, but it was quite obvious that they couldn't care less. They didn’t actually say “F@*! off, Fatso”, but it didn’t take a mind reader to see that was what they were thinking.

So I went to Ashford's Builder Centre, who were welcoming, helpful and friendly. They had eight inch wide wood. And they cut it to six foot lengths for me, and carried it to my car. It's at times like this when I miss the Espace. I've got used to having a car into which everything and anything will fit, and sometimes I forget the new car isn’t as big.

By the time I'd bought some lunch I was worn out. Usually when on a late I have a lie in and muck about in NeverWinter and YoVille before rolling into work. I’d run myself ragged before I even started today….

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