28 March 2010 (Sunday) - More Garden

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that I might (only might) have overdone the stout last night. However I’m blaming the excessive garden work yesterday for my feeling somewhat less than 100% this morning.

After a quick bit of bread pudding I was back in the garden. Yesterday’s edging looks excellent (if I do say so myself), but the older edging stones looked a bit squafty – over the years they have settled and all gone crooked in different directions, so I spent a while straightening them up. It might have been useful to have had some loose soil to re-point the edgings. And to think I nearly ruptured myself lugging all that soil to the tip yesterday.

Before mowing the lawn I had a break for some bread pudding. Mowing the lawn is a dull job, but the garden looks so much better for having had a haircut. I then kicked the gravel off of the paving stones – another simple job that makes the garden look so much better afterwards. I found that keeping moving made my aching joints hurt that little bit less.

A quick cup of coffee and some bread pudding and then it was fish feeding time – I seem to be succeeding in getting the Koi to take food from my hand – there was quite a stampede for my hand full of fish food. Whilst playing with the fish I saw the pond has acquired a resident frog – quite a tubby looking beast. I think I must have startled the frog when taking a photo – she jumped into the pond, and seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting out again. In fact I don’t think she could have got out, so I netted her and popped her into a water feature where she is still sitting quite happily. I’ll leave that one switched off for a while

By the time I’d scraped the lawn mower clean and put it away. It was time to leave for Brighton. Or, to be more precise I’d planned to leave for Brighton once the garden stuff was done. But a combination of not getting out of bed early enough combined with forgetting to put the clocks forward meant that I had left it far too late to get to Brighton for 1pm. I phoned my apologies to the A.G.M., and hoped I wasn’t missed. Normally I have a very good sense of time, and pride myself on never being late. But this weekend seems to have gone by so fast.

More bread pudding, and then since Brighton wasn’t going to happen, I got on with next Saturday’s garden job – acquiring a garden statue to replace the water feature I’d moved yesterday. I think “Dave the Lizardy Thing” looks quite cool, and whilst we at it, we got some elves on a see-saw and some Meercats too.

Pausing only briefly for some bread pudding I fed the fish again, and then wondered about the soalr powered lights in the garden. I’m not sure that they’ve survived the winter, but bearing in mind they were cheap tat from the pound shop, I think a trip back to the pound shop to replace them might be a plan for another day.

Oh – did I mention ‘er indoors TM had made some bread pudding?