19 March 2010 (Friday) - Rather Dull, Really

One of my colleagues had mentioned that he *really* doesn’t like the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba. I’m glad he’d done that, so’s we could be sure that the track didn’t get played at work by mistake. Another colleague brought in the CD, and I spent the day egging others on to play the song, then I would grass them up.

Rather childish, but it brightened an otherwise dull day. I put an album of the event on Facebook, and it’s proved to be one of the most popular things I’ve ever done there.

My Boy TM ” has announced he intends to take up horticulture. Together with the mate what got arrested at Xmas and “Pie-Man” he intends to grow a harvest of strawberries and potatoes. The three of them intend to go round the garden centres for advice over the weekend. I advised them to save their efforts and buy their veg from the supermarket like I do.

And then with another “offspring free” evening we sat down with wine, port and cheese to watch a DVD. Hic !

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  1. Sounds like my sort of evening. I am just starting on the wine myself...double hic.