18 March 2010 (Thursday) - Hot Cross Buns. And Aliens

I was again up at silly o’clock and doing more ironing. I’ve always worn a shirt & tie to work, and each shirt takes five minutes to iron. I had eight to do today, which took just over forty minutes. I was chatting with a friend a week or so ago who told me that he pays someone else to iron his shirts for him. He pays one pound per shirt. I could do that as a little earner (!)

To Asda where I thought I’d get some hot cross buns for work. Having no idea how much they cost, I asked for a fiver’s worth. I got sixty for that - I was quite impressed. Whist scoffing one, it was gently hinted to me that I’d been somewhat inconsiderate in buying hot cross buns. I was (apparently) being discriminatory to the non-christians in the workplace. One lives and learns. I might bring in Cadbury’s mini-eggs next to see if they also offend. Hopefully they will.

Last Thursday I mentioned about the students we had visiting the workplace. We had some more today. One of them was a celebrity – “Alien” out of the Alien movies. Or (at least) I thought so: her head was the right shape. One of the lads was a touch dainty, and nearly came over a little queer at one point. Bless. How can you be on the third year of a degree all about blood and not be able to stand the sight of the stuff? And two young lady students found it difficult to restrain from showing their affection for each other in very physical ways. They were all over each other like a rash. I really thought they were going to start snogging each other whilst I explained the mysteries of blood’s ability to clot. Shocking!!

And then out for a crafty half at the Hooden in Great Chart. I’ve never been there on a weekday evening before – the place was full with diners, but there was a corner for me and a mate to enjoy a crafty half (or four). I won’t go into detail about what I was up to, but in a year or so’s time I predict that I will compose a blog entry about a book which will be published then. And I will be gloating that I contributed (albeit in a small way) to that book…


  1. Rotten bugger. I bet you know we can't get hot cross buns over here. They had something they said were hot cross buns in a coffee shop we went to on Saturday.
    They lied. The cross was white icing so they couldn't toast them and I didn't see one currant or raisin. I must ask on Facebook to see if anyone would send me some. Just one packet would be brill.

  2. Ooh - A nice toasted Hot Cross Bun!. I recently purchased a Warbartons fruit loaf (a treat if you like!) but last week it was a limited edition Hot Cross Loaf (pre-sliced) impressive thing it was too - and very tasty!

  3. Sue I'd send you some but I don't think they'd arrive in good condition. I like HCB's but my fave is malt loaf. nom nom nom!