22 March 2010 (Monday) - Still in the Garden

Yesterday evening I spent an hour in a virtual castle, being utterly unable to find a way to open a door. Today the same problem took me two minutes. Sometimes I hate NeverWinter Nights.

Being on (yet another) late start I had considered using my time wisely. The plan for the morning involved more fence work, but I had the excuse that I might hit unexpected difficulties. I didn’t want to have to leave the job half way done when I had to leave for work. I therefore decided it best to wait until I had more time. The fact that I couldn’t be bothered was neither here nor there.

Talking of “couldn’t be bothered”, another morning job I had planned involved shifting some heavy water features round the garden, but my assistant couldn’t be bothered to get his bum out of bed. It would seem he also had much the same attitude about the washing up I’d left for him.

Interestingly ‘er indoors TM had done her assigned task, and had taken all the glass jars and bottles for recycling. Last night’s rant must have worked.

I then spent some time hand-feeding the Koi. They seem to be getting the hang of being hand-fed, but haven’t quite got posing for the camera as sussed as they might have.

And then to Bybrook Barn. Having got the fence on one side of the garden half-way fixed I’ve got a plan to similarly board the bottom of the other fence and put in a gravelled area too. So I thought I’d price up to see how much the project would cost. After all, as my critics say I have very little money sense, and if I don’t spend this month’s wages wisely on the garden I’ll only have another tattoo done, or spend it all on beer (again). I’ve estimated that the boards, gravel & membrane will set me back sixty quid. But there’s a minor hiccup in that Bybrook Barn have sold out of edging stones. Against my better judgement, I shall have a look in WyeVale tomorrow.

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  1. Am available to help whenever you need it :-)