3 March 2010 (Wednesday) - Still Sulking

The morning’s flurry of emails brought a few more messages of support over my expulsion from Beer in the Evening. Among the comments I’ve received have been:

“ For what its worth I could find no abusive comments made by you or of you being a trouble maker. I have found you to be a man of few words which are no nonsense and straight to the point, a gift obviously not appreciated the management of BITE.

“…He won't take criticism even though the trolls have been permitted to insult good regular members with impunity.

Well said on the forums. Why the hell *** (the webmaster)*** kept quiet while all that Unionjak (a racist poster) stuff and all the other rubbish was going on in the forums still escapes me.”

..You and I often review pubs from completely different viewpoints, but agree more often than not on where we can get a decent pint and that's what it's about.

There is now actually a Beer in the Evening member category called “Banned”. Those of us in the “Banned” section are still permitted to write money-making reviews for the website, but are no longer allowed a voice on the website’s forum. It’s no secret that over the last few years I’ve put quite a bit of effort into reviewing pubs for the Beer in the Evening website, and I can’t pretend to be happy about being given such cavalier treatment.

On reflection I wonder if I might have been better off being far more vocal about the website’s failings. Perhaps I should have made a conscious decision to become a martyr, rather than having been chucked off for no adequately explained reason.

Still, what’s done is done. I’ve been welcomed with open arms at “another place”, and the nice people there even helped me to transfer my pub reviews to their new home. This evening I went through all of the reviews I’d done over the last three years. Amazingly I could remember every pub. Some of my reviews were out of date, some were multiple reviews of the same pubs, and one or two were squabbles. But in less than an hour I transferred over one hundred reviews.

I quite like being a roving reporter for Pubs Galore. I think I’ve redirected all the links on my various websites. If any of my loyal readers find any links from my ramblings directed to where I’m not wanted, please let me know.

Whilst I’m raking over old ground, on November 2007 I blogged about the murderers of two year old James Bulger. The news at the time carried the story that one of them had got religion and was getting married. I said at the time that he shouldn’t have got married. I said he should have been executed. But as always I was in the minority. The bleeding heart brigade felt the chap should be given another chance. We weren’t told which murderer got married, but today’s news tells us that the murderer Jon Venables has been re-admitted to prison. The phrase “I told you so” comes to mind.

And to close on a lighter note: a colleague had a minor dilemma today. Sid wanted to push something, but couldn’t decide what. We eventually drew up a shortlist of:

  • It
  • His Luck
  • The Button

If any of my loyal readers would like to help Sid out with his pushing, please email the usual address.