29 March 2010 (Monday) - Cake

Having spent much of the weekend doing gardening, it strikes me that the casual reader finding this blog by chance may form the idea that I like gardening. This is not the case at all. To me my garden is like my tattoos. I really like the look of them, but the actual process of getting them to the stage where they are worth looking at is extremely painful. And rather dull. There are people who enjoy pottering around in gardens. I do not. Which is why most of my garden is gravelled, and why I have only a relatively small lawn. My father has a beautiful garden, and he spends hours in it every day keeping it in shape. Over the years I have developed my garden to be very low maintenance, and if any of my loyal readers have any suggestions about how to reduce the maintenance even more (without bulldozing the lot), I’m all ears.

Daddies Little Angel TM ” had been home to see the quack, and needed transporting back to the coast this evening. Following a frank exchange of views about which was the quickest way, we made a detour to find tea and cake waiting for us. Tea and cake is always good, and once that was scoffed it was then home (via a thunderstorm) to waste an evening in NeverWinter.


  1. Its Karen

    So glad to see the dishes my mum bought for me a couple of years ago are being put to good use

  2. I got soaked to the bone last night, It was good rain though. I'd liked it more if I hadn't been out in it. My jacket left a puddle on the kitchen floor.

  3. Oy how come I never got cake when I came down all I got offered were bloody bangers n mash and I am not keen on bangers and I hate mash. That is so not fair that you got cake ! ! ! ! I am going to sulk now