25 March 2010 (Thursday) - Another Rant (Sorry)

I’ve now got my lawn edgings from WyeVale. My visit there was rather dull, marred only by the checkout girl asking if I was a member of their gardening club. Normally such a question would be met with the reply “do you want a fight?!”, but having such a card gives you a discount of ten per cent off the cost, so (much as I am ashamed to admit) I’ve got one of them. In my defence, ‘er indoors TM made me get it several months ago.

I’ve also got my membrane as well. All I need now is the gravel, and I can get on with the next phase of the garden. Luke came round after work this evening to help me shift some statuary and water features in readiness for getting on with this next garden project, but again rain stopped play. Which was probably for the best.

And then I read the news websites. People who find my blog by chance, or are referred to it by friends before they meet me have told me that I come over as a very intolerant person. I’d like to think that I’m rather tolerant of most of humanity, but it has to be said that some people with whom I share this world are just plain stupid.

Take the chap who hacked into President Obama’s Twitter account (among other crimes). He claimed he was doing it to highlight security failures. Rubbish!! He faces a two year jail sentence if found guilty. He should face execution (!)

A few years ago when computers were toys, then maybe, just maybe this idiot might have had a case. But nowadays when computers are such a major part of society, can anyone claim to be hacking into my PC for a laugh? They’d be far more likely to be seeing if I was dumb enough to put my banking passwords where they might be found. After all, does anyone break into a bank to expose the shortcomings in the vault’s integrity? Hackers aren’t errant children any more. They are criminals, and should be dealt with as such…

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  1. People who hack into high profile systems and then publicise it are doing in the hope of landing a well paid job with a security company, other hackers are doing as you say for other nefarious reasons.

    I wouldn't go as far as execution because its just too quick clean and easy, but the punishment for identity theft crimes seem disproportionately low when compared with the depth and duration of the problems it causes the victims.