8 April 2018 (Sunday) - Diet... What Diet ?

I was rather later getting up today; so much so that the dogs were up and about as the app on my phone talked me through my abdominal workout routine. Both pups thought heel touches and mountain climbs were a great game; and I had to abandon when Fudge got particularly over-excited as I did twenty seconds of plank.

As I had my usual look at Facebook I was surprised to see something positive; there is to be a film made of the Bradbury novel “Fahrenheit 451”. I’ve not read that for years. I shall have a look on the Kindle store. I can remember this as being yet another book that was actually rather good, even if the English teachers at school did try their level best to kill it stone dead.
When I look back at my schooldays there were so many books that we read that the teachers dissected and pontificated on and generally ruined for a generation of schoolboys. “All Quiet on the Western Front”, “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, “Lord of the Flies”, “1984”, “Animal Farm”, “Moonfleet” (to name but a few) are all rather good books which took me years to appreciate after my teachers had reduced them to utter tedium. I wish I could get a reading list of all the books that were forced on to us at school; I’m sure that they were all actually rather good.

I polished my walking boots. I thought they’d been letting in water recently; I found two great holes in the leather. I must have ripped them on barbed wire at some point. Woops.

And then I had a look at the housekeeping account. Every month I bung a serious proportion of my wages into another bank account from which I pay all the monthly bills. I saw that now we have a SmartMeter for the leccie and gas we are actually saving just over a pound every month. I also saw that for this financial year we will only be dealing with one water company (not two any more) and so will be saving three quid each month there. However having saved four quid each month, the council tax has gone up by eight quid so the net result is we are four quid down the pan.

Having a few minutes spare, I wrote a message of complaint to the BBC about their weather forecasts. “Take today for example (Sunday 8 April). The daily forecast on your website for Ashford in Kent says “Heavy rain” however at no stage on the hourly breakdown does heavy rain ever appear.
And to add insult to injury this is at odds with that broadcast on your radio, and neither agree with what has appeared on your TV broadcasts.
This happens most days…
I’ve always said that the BBC has a good weather forecasting service but on reflection this is probably because between their website, radio and TV they cover pretty much every form of weather imaginable. One of them *has* to be right.

We drove down to Hastings to see parents. My mum was well, I mentioned my knackered boots and my Dad gave me a pair of boots he’d bought and never worn. I tried them on and as I pulled them tight, the eyelet ripped. Oh well… if nothing else I can salvage the bootlaces.
We then took the dogs on a little geo-mission round Alexandra Park. "er indoors TM" laid an egg that dogs aren’t allowed off the lead in that park. Bearing I mind how many squirrels are in that park it is just as well that they stayed tethered.
We then visited mother-in-law, and I slept for an hour or so.

Once home we settled the dogs and drove up to the Kennington carvery where family and friends were meeting up for dinner. The diet went firmly out of the window as I scoffed two full roast dinners, and followed it up with a cheeky McFlurry.
And with "er indoors TM" off bowling I sat in front of the telly watching “The Mighty Boosh” alternately rubbing my bloated belly and farting…

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