11 April 2018 (Wednesday) - More Re-Makes

I got up early and started on my abdominal workout (as I have done for a week or so), but gave up half way through. I twisted more than a Russian, and seem to have pulled a muscle. My lower gut *really* hurt.
As I devoured my toast I watched the first episode of the new season of “Gotham”. It was OK – it would have been far better if I had been able to remember what had gone before. But (as always) watching it from the SkyPlus box meant I was able to skip twenty minutes of adverts.

I then sparked up my lap-top… Last night I made the mistake of telling it to “update and shut down”. I always forget that this actually means “only do half of the update” and I waited for twenty minutes for it to finish what I should really have got it to do yesterday.

Eventually I got the thing going. I had a look at my emails, and seeing there was a new geocache not far from work I zoomed off hoping for a quick FTF (as one does). I drove through a rather murky foggy morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about how some Cameroon athletes have gone missing from the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Australia.
The opinion was that these people had no intention of going back to Cameroon. I suppose that's one way of doing illegal immigration?

I eventually got to Ditton and the start of the new geocache; the motorway was rather busy today. I solved the geo-puzzle that had been set; I went to where I *thought* I was supposed to go... I thought I found the right place but I couldn't actually find what I was searching for. After fifteen minutes of acting rather suspiciously I gave up and went to work. It later transpired I was barking up the wrong tree. I might have another look tomorrow.
Being that much later to work meant the hospital's car park had filled up. I had the choice of parking in a large puddle, or parking at the furthest extreme of the car park. I opted for the puddle and leapt from the driver's seat to the dry land some yards away.
I got a wet foot.

I went in to work, did my bit and came home. I put the leads on the dogs and we set off on what has become our standard way of walking. Treacle pulled like a train; Fudge straggled. Both were barking incessantly, both ignoring my telling them to shut up. After thirty yards I gave up and we came home.
Both dogs knew I was angry with them; once home they were both subdued and silent for over an hour. It was a shame that this should happen on National Pet Day.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of scran, and after an episode of “Plebs” we watched the re-make of “Wacky Races.
With Professor Pat Pending replaced by a nerdy child, and no Red Baron or Rufus Roughcut, to say nothing of the Anthill mob, Sarge, or the Bouldermobile, it was a total load of crap!

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