15 April 2018 (Sunday) - Lower Hadres

I slept well; I slept a tad too late. I had to skip the abdo workout this morning as both dogs were up and about. Have you ever tried to do an abdominal crunch with two tripe-hounds (Hungarian and Patagonian) mobbing you?
Over brekkie I had a little look at the Internet. Last night Lacey had been playing at making fake horrific wounds using make-up. I’d posted one of the pictures and it had got quite a few favourable reactions. I also saw that a few other people had been watching “Lost in Space” on Netflix; from their comments I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d ever seen the original.
Other than that, surprisingly little had happened in cyber-space overnight.
With no emails of note we got ourselves, our gear and the wolf-pack together and set out to give my new boots some field trials.

There’s no denying that as we drove my right boot was a tad tight. As we left Ashford it felt as though my foot was in a vice; I was seriously considering coming home to change the boots. But they needed to be walked in.
We were soon at the designated starting point for today’s walk. I was a tad dubious about parking in the farm shop’s car park, but I had a word with the nice lady in the shop and she was fine with the idea, so we set off following our GPS to the first geocache… and off we went. We had a rather good walk. Bearing in mind that the big weekend geo-walks are basically a dog walk for us, this route was ideal. Beautiful woodlands and well-marked footpaths and very quiet country lanes through some rather pretty countryside made for an ideal hike. It was muddy in places, but what do you expect? We’ve had serious rain for some weeks recently.
The hounds were off of their leads for most of the way. However that isn’t always a good thing; when unrestrained, Fudge does tend to do his own thing. Fortunately today he was never lost for more than a couple of minutes at any one time.
And talking of dogs, the walk was rather marred by Fudge rolling in a dead fox half-way round. As dead foxes go, this one was rather ripe. It probably shuffled off this mortal coil about a month ago, and had been stinking ever since. Fudge shot off to roll in it, and when I went to retrieve him the smell made me nauseous at a distance of thirty metres. He stank for the rest of the walk.

Geocache-wise it was good. Caches not too far apart; reasonably straight-forward hides. At the first geocache we saw that someone had already signed the log today. As we went round we saw their signature time and again… except on the trickiest find where they hadn’t signed. But they still logged the thing as found on-line. This might sound trivial, but in geo-circles this is akin to high treason.
We decided against squealing them up…

After a few hours we were back at the cars. Bearing in mind we’d had free parking at the farm shop it was only right that we should buy some stuff from them. And (to be fair) they had some rather good stuff for sale in that farm shop including rather good ice lollies that were only two months past their sell-by date. We then moved on the a nearby pub (The Granville) where we continued this theme by getting some pork scratchings that went out of date last Christmas.
As we drank our stout so we chatted with some locals who had brought their bored children out of the pub to see if they could play with our dogs. Loads of woofing ensued, and a little cherub in the pettiest dress you ever did see played with the hounds in the mud.

We came home… one dog needed the stench of dead fox scrubbing off of him. And with dogs scrubbed they both snored whilst I ate my rhubarb from the farm shop.
With "er indoors TM" off bowling I watched more “Lost in Space”. It is rather good, but with *so many* nods to the original series, why do I think I’m watching a remake of “Earth 2”?

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