3 April 2018 (Tuesday) - Back To Work

Yesterday I was mobbed by dogs as I did my abdominal workout routine (as prescribed by my abdo-app). This morning I had a go whilst both dogs snored. I did some of the exercises, but not all. The full workout will be something to which I can work up.
Having exercised I scoffed my toast and watched last week’s episode of “Still Game”; possibly one of the best ones ever. I managed a quick look at the Internet; last night there was consternation in the Tupperware-hunting fraternity as geocaching dot com had died. This morning the website seemed to be running again.
Whist I was on the Internet I had a look at Facebook and saw that absolutely nothing had happened overnight. And with no emails of note I set off to work in my new shirt and trousers that I’d got from Matalan last week.

I got to the Matalan roundabout and found myself glancing south (the Pembury way) as I turned north towards Maidstone. There's no denying I had a much easier run to work today. Straight up the motorway. No weaving through country lanes, no idiots tailgating me for miles, no hold-ups at Goudhurst and Biddenden and Sissinghurst.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing what a terrible weekend it had been for the shops. For no reason that I could establish, the British economy is dependent on people spending money hand-over-fist. Personally I prefer to buy stuff when I need it, rather than going out purely to empty my wallet as quickly as I can.
I almost laughed out loud at "Thought for the Day"; the vicar spouting platitudes was one whose life-partner (!) wasn't a Christian. She subscribed to some other religion/superstition. The vicar was trying to explain how the fact that her crackpot ideas utterly contradicted his crackpot ideas in no way invalidated either.
I love religion - you *really* can spout rubbish with a clear conscience.

I stopped off at Lidl on the way to work. I've missed that place. You can go in for a jar of coffee and come out with a lawnmower. I got my essentials and carried on to work where I was greeted like the returning prodigal son.
I did my bit and came home again. Just as I arrived home the phone rang. It was Bernie… I’d forgotten today was a Tuesday – what with the bank Holiday it seemed like a Monday. But I was running late so we decided to postpone the usual Tuesday nonsense.

I walked the dogs round the block, and with "er indoors TM" out with her dad I resisted the temptation of a kebab, and scoffed a microwave curry whilst watching a film. Netflix had been telling me about “Deadpool” for weeks. It was OK I suppose. I’ve sat through worse. I suppose I must have liked it as I stayed awake through all of it…

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