17 April 2018 (Tuesday) - Sticking with Netflix

As I scoffed my toast this morning Fudge sat with me. He seems to be none the worse after honking his tea last night, but that didn’t stop me worrying about the daft little dog.
As I scoffed toast I watched last Saturday’s episode of “Thunderbirds are Go”. Whilst I realise it is a children’s show, it really would benefit from a plot which wouldn’t seem simplistic to a thick four-year old.

I had my usual look at Facebook. Last night I’d (idiotically) posted something on one of the work-related Facebook groups. And (as usual) the keyboard warriors were out in force; the sort who post with confrontation instead of reason. This seems to happen so much on-line. I’ve deleted the post; I suspect I will soon be packing up with that Facebook group if it continues that way.
Perhaps this is why social media is in something of a decline? I saw that the Wetherspoons chain have severed all ties with Facebook.

I didn’t have any emails that weren’t destined for the bin (unread), so (trying not to disturb my sleeping dog) I got up, got organized and set off to work.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about the success of Netflix. With over five million new subscribers so far this year it has four times as much money to spend on making programs as the BBC does. And it costs me half what the BBC costs (through the TV Licence).
There was also an interview with one Paul Joy; a fisherman from Hastings. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the Paul Joy I once knew. It seems that the fishermen of the country have got the hump. In order to preserve fish stocks only so many fish can be caught every year.  Somehow or other much of the UK’s fish allocation has gone to foreigners. Mr. Joy was rather vague about how that happened; I suspect it was sold somewhere along the line.

I got to work and did my bit. Once home I took the dogs for a short walk. It would have been a far longer walk had Fudge not plodded along quite so slowly.
And then being Tuesday the clans gathered and we watched “Gotham”; I do like that show.

And then I got cross. "er indoors TM" has an Amazon Prime account. She added me on to it, but the moment I tried to access any of the features of a Prime membership it immediately billed me for a Prime membership of my own. I eventually manged to cancel it, and I have been assured of a refund in a week or so. After quite a bit of farting about I figured out how to access the “Amazon Households” account rather than having the thing trick me into setting up an Amazon Prime account of my own.
I’ve had a look-see at it. It has one *major* drawback in that it is nigh on impossible to watch any of the videos on the telly without a lot of farting about. It seems that Amazon and ChromeCast are fundamentally incompatible.
Oh well… I’m happy with the Kindle, I rarely (if ever) buy anything from Amazon. I shall stick with Netflix…

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