19 April 2018 (Thursday) - A Day's Fishing

I was absolutely knackered last night. We’d had a walk, but it was less than five miles. A pint at lunch time and a pint in the evening… was it the heat of the day that had worn me out? Or am I just getting old?
I got up and had a go at my phone’s abdo workout app. The physiology of weight loss is odd. When I shave I can feel my face is bonier, as are my hands. My knees hurt when I knock them together in the night beause their protective layer of blubber has gone. But my gut remains epic.

I skipped toast this morning and watched Milky Joe on “The Mighty Boosh”, then sparked up my lap-top. I saw something rather interesting on one of the geo-pages – a geo-rally in Sussex. This is akin to something we organized a few years ago… leaving aside the fact that they are allowed two meets and we weren’t (still sulking!), I wonder if I can persuade anyone to do a day’s caching. As many caches as you can get in daylight (16 hours and 38 Minutes)…

I drove round to collect "My Boy TM" and after a rather good bit of brekkie at Brookfield café we drove out to Smarden and Sam’s Lakes. This was our third visit. Our previous two visits have been in sub-zero temperatures, so today was a pleasant change. It was rather warm.
As we arrived we saw a fox pootling about on the far bank. We saw herons and geese and woodpeckers. There were even two snakes swimming about. It was a rather beautiful place to be. As we fished we tried not to laugh out loud at the bungling incompetence of the lads on the other side of the pond. As "My Boy TM" remarked, they had “all of the gear but no idea”. No matter how much money you might spend on fishing, you can’t buy a clue; and they clearly didn’t have one between them.

Fishing-wise today was probably the worst day we have ever had. In the past we really have lost count of the amount of fish we have had which needed the net. Today "My Boy TM" had seven; I had two. However he did catch a rather large goldfish which was worth having; if only for the novelty value.
But poor fishing notwithstanding, I took some photos anyway. Next time we’ll go back to Shirkoak.

We packed up at four o’clock. Bearing in mind that some genius at the council has allowed on of the busiest roads in Ashford to be closed for months, the roads round Ashford snarl up seriously at rush hour. We wanted to avoid the queues and be home in time for a barby.
Once home I got changed, got the dogs and we walked over to "My Boy TM"’s via Viccie Park. We made good time purely by my walking behind Fudge and herding him along like a recalcitrant sheep.

We then had a rather good evening. A couple of beers, a barbie, "My Boy TM" got out his five hundred pound poof (!), and Lacey told us of the consternation at school today when (in show-and-tell) one of her classmates delivered a PowerPoint presentation which realty was entitled “How Crappy Harriet’s House Is”.
I’m told it is *rather* crappy. Apparently it is just up the road from me…

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