14 April 2018 (Saturday) - Danger Will Robinson !

I spent what seemed an age locked in a nightmare last night in which "er indoors TM" had announced that because she always wanted a second child she was going to “squeeze one out”. My protestations fell on deaf ears; neither her nor anyone else claimed to have ever heard of "Daddy’s Little Angel TM". And when the time came to actually do the “squeezing out”, my father-in-law appeared and promptly stole the hospital to use as a money-making scheme.
I woke in a cold sweat shortly after four o’clock and didn’t really get back to sleep after that.

I set the dishwasher and washing machine doing their things, then had a go at my abdo workout app. After a couple of weeks, things are definitely firming up. I’ve still got a huge gut, but it is a far firmer huge gut.
I then watched the first episode of the Netflix version of “Lost in Space”. For those old enough to remember the original series from the 1960s it has several little snippets that the average viewer might miss; “the chariot”, “Danger Will Robinson” (of course), and somehow they’ve managed to retain the way in which you want to carry on watching even though it is crap.
So far there have been no conical tits (which were a hallmark of the original series), but there are still several episodes to go. I remain hopeful…

I sparked up my lap-top for a quick look at the Internet. On Facebook Thuraya Dahman was asking me to do her homework for her (she’d obviously contacted me through one of the professional pages I follow), and I saw that apparently my local hospital has had a bit of a stuff-up in the radiology department. The MP for Canterbury is looking to crucify them. For all that I am the staunchest supporter of the NHS in general, I do have something of an axe to grind with my local hospital. The wound where they knifed me in the back seven years ago is still sore, so since the local MP has mentioned the radiology department…
One of the pre-surgical appointments I had with this Trust was held in a GP surgery rather than the hospital. This GP surgery (in Sellindge) didn’t have access to my radiology images and results. So the doctor with whom I has the appointment showed me the pictures of my scans on his mobile phone.
He told me that since the surgery in Sellidge didn’t have access to the radiology images it was his standard practice to photograph them when he was at the department and show them to the patients in the surgery.
The images I saw weren’t very clear on his mobile phone… if indeed they were the images of my insides. The images of the other people I saw whilst he was looking for my images weren’t very clear either. I *could* name the people whose images they supposedly were, but (call me old-school if you will) I subscribe to the old ideas of medical confidentiality.

Apart from Amazon recommending that I buy music that I would never listen to in a million years, I had no emails of note, so I set off to work. As I drove the news was about the recent allied attack on Syria and absolutely nothing else was mentioned.

I did my bit at work, and came home. We put the leads onto the dogs, and "er indoors TM" drove us all to Go Outdoors in Canterbury. You can take dogs into Go Outdoors, and we did.
Having ripped my old walking boots on barbed wire I needed new ones.
I did feel sorry for the nice man in the boots department who was alternately supplying me with boots to try on and attempting to amuse Fudge whilst I tried the boots on.  I didn’t laugh *too* much as I watched him chasing round the store after Fudge (several times). Eventually I bought some new walking boots (I felt I owed him that much), and some waterproof over-trousers too, then we walked the dogs on a little geo-series which was nearby.
If nothing else it tired the dogs.

We drove on to the pet shop in Chartham where Treacle got a new harness, and once we were home I called up the results of the Grand National to see how my horse in the works sweepstake (Tenor Nivernais) had fared. He, she or it didn’t win. In fact the useless nag threw in the sponge half way round the race course.
But to add insult to injury, the horse that "er indoors TM" had got in her works sweepstake won the race.

With "er indoors TM" off to the Saturday film night I spent a couple of hours doing the ironing wilst watching more “Lost in Space”.
It’s growing on me….

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