20 April 2018 (Friday) - Late Shift

I had a rather early night last night and slept through till half past seven this morning. Too much sun yesterday, perhaps?
Last night I posted to the “Geocaching in Kent” Facebook group to see if there was any interest in the day’s caching event in Sussex in a couple of months. This morning I saw that several people were keen; the blatant infringement of the rules (again) didn’t go unnoticed, and I realized that I’m due to be working that weekend. Woops!
I had an email telling me that someone had commented on Tuesday’s blog entry. “Ashley Babs” had written: “Thanks for posting your valuable thoughts with us & our readers. Please keep continue writing on this blog” and then tried to give an advert for a bulk SMS servicing business. That was cheeky of her.

I took the dogs round the park before the day got too hot. Once I enjoyed our little trips round the park; now they are a chore. With both dogs barking incessantly at absolutely nothing at all, and Fudge taking ten steps back for every one he takes forwards I’m getting rather fed up with it. But if they aren’t walked to destruction they get even more fractious.
As we walked we met Brian and Rachel who have taken on an unwanted pup. The poor pup is a cast-off from a relationship that went west. I hope the pup has found a good home; I expect she has; maybe she might join our walks.

I settled the hounds, and set off to work rather earlier than I might have done. It was too glorious outside to be sitting about watching telly. I went on a little geo-mission to the south of Maidstone.
I started off acting rather suspiciously round a village hall, then went on to the church in East Sutton. It is a beautiful church; a very pretty building in well-kept gardens. There was a field puzzle there - I had to get some information from a certain grave and do some sums to find the co-ordinates of the final sandwich box (or in this case - urine container). There was building work going on at this church. As I made my notes and did my sums the f-word echoed across the graveyard at extreme volume and extreme regularity. Call me old-fashioned, but builders shouldn't shout the f-word when working on a church. They *really* should try bellowing something more pious.
I then carried on along a little lane where someone who does even less cache maintenance than me had hidden some boxes. I headed into Sutton Valence for a village sign (as one does from time to time), but with nowhere to park I turned around and ninja-ed a church micro which was right next to a dead badger. I hasten to add the dead badger was already there (and already dead) when I arrived. Presumably someone else had ninja-ed the badger.

Time was pressing... in the past I would have McLunch before a late shift. I thought I would treat myself today. Three chicken strips, a small bag of McChips and a diet coke... over six hundred calories.  In fact over double the calories I'd burned off on the morning's walk with the dogs. I'd had a diet coke as the milk shake/ice cream machine was broken. I wondered what the calorie count would have been had I had my usual chocolate shake and a McFlurry... I looked it up.  The chocolate shake has more calories than the chicken strips and the chips put together. interestingly the McFlurry isn't *that* bad; being on a par with a bag of crisps.

With lunch scoffed I went in to work where I had a rather busy time. I could do without that…

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