21 April 2018 (Saturday) - Before The Night Shift

I would have slept *so* much better had the puppy not been quite so restless. I suppose I should be grateful that she waited until six o’clock before marching all over me incessantly.
I gave up trying to sleep after an hour or so. It was getting warm anyway.

Over brekkie I saw that absolutely nothing of note had happened on Facebook overnight. But I had an email telling me of a new Tupperware box which was hidden in a box near Ramsgate. I must admit my piss boiled a little. The chap who had hidden it had claimed to have created a “geocashe”, not a “geocache”. A subtle different. Only one letter, but that one letter is the difference between being correct and looking like it was rushed out by someone who couldn’t be arsed to press the spell-check button. I wish those responsible for reviewing new film pots under rocks would pick up on these matters. There is a series of caches across the Romney Marsh the descriptions of which read as though they have been written by an illiterate eight-year-old who was in a hurry. Hunting sandwich boxes in the wild sounds lame enough as it is. It really doesn’t need help to look even more sad.
I’ve ranted about this abysmal spelling and grammar before.  Every time the dyslexic brigade are up in arms claiming that I’m being unfair to dyslexics. I’m not at all. I’m having a go at those who clearly haven’t taken two minutes to read what they have written.

Whilst waiting for "er indoors TM" to get sorted I popped to B&Q for compost. Over the years I have had so many problems with the attitude of the staff at the Ashford branch that I would rather drive across town to their competitors, but with road works making half the town inaccessible this was not possible today…
I got to the checkouts at about 9.15am with a heavy trolley filled with bulky items. As I arrived, a member of their staff who was bearing the badge “Lisa” pulled out a barrier and told me the till was closed. I heaved my trolley to the next till only to watch this Lisa open that till and usher half a dozen other people up to it. When I complained she told me that she didn’t realise the store was busy.
Ironically as I paid, the girl on the checkout ringed the bit on the receipt which gave the website I could use to register a complaint.
I came home and did just that.

We got the dogs organized and, bearing in mind that the park is often full of joggers on a Saturday (there’s an organized event of several hundred of them), we drove out to Great Chart. I hid a series of geocaches out there a couple of months ago and had heard that the recent spate of wet weather had done for them. So we had this idea that we could sort out any problems and walk the dogs at the same time. Of the eighteen caches I have out there, only two had any real issues (one damp log; one laying out in the open). But I took the opportunity to add more paper to each one; having a maintenance run is always a good idea. If nothing else, it gives the mistaken impression that I actually do maintenance from time to time.
I had been expecting the terrain to be rather boggy and muddy; it wasn’t. The fields had dried out, and we had a rather good walk. We liked looking at the sheep and the lambs; both dogs liked eating their poo. Ripper’s wood was very pretty with bluebells; Fudge vanished on a little mission of his own. Twice.

We came home via the co-op for a Belgian bun for lunch. Four hundred calories – over half the calories we’d burned off during our walk. I then took myself off to bed for the afternoon and (despite one nuisance phone call from some ambulance-chasing lawyers) slept rather well.

After three hours I got up and (still feeling half-asleep) I watched several episodes of the Channel Four show “Four in a Bed”. The idea is that four Bed & Breakfast owners compete, but the show is never fair. Take today’s contestants. There was a little old lady who was letting out bedrooms in her house, two country pubs, and a country hotel with a staff of forty. Was it surprising that the huge place won?

I’m off to the night shift now…

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