27 September 2017 (Wednesday) - Volcanoes

The puppy slept well last night, and consequently so did I. I woke fifteen minutes before the alarm was due to go off. I’m now waking before it gets light; winter is on the way.
I then wasted ten minutes trying to find one of my slippers which had vanished overnight. I eventually found it; the puppy had curled up with it, and was fast asleep cuddling it.
Over brekkie I watched part of an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” that was playing on the Sy-Fy channel – “Peak Performance” has always been one of my favourite episodes.

I set off to work on a rather foggy and overcast morning. I stopped off at the petrol station on the ring road, and sure enough the old biddy on the till was snowed out with admirers. I can't work out why this is; I've mentioned before that the old woman who runs the petrol station is never short of fans.  there is always one or two middle aged blokes hanging round the place trying to impress her. Today as I pulled into the garage there was a car parked awkwardly blocking the forecourt. I watched some chap come out of the petrol station shop, move that car to a marginally less stupid place to park, and then he all but ran back inside. When I went to pay for my petrol this chap was seriously sniffing round the old duck on the till.
I can't see the attraction myself...

As I drove up the motorway I listened to the radio for the first time in seemingly ages. However the pundits were still spouting rubbish as they have done most mornings.  But one article made me think.  There was a lot of talk about evacuating a volcanic area in Indonesia. A volcano was about to blow, and the authorities had declared a seven-mile exclusion area from which everyone had to be evacuated. I couldn't help but wonder about the volcano we went to in Greece. The thing was smoking when we were there. I wonder if it will blow any time soon? If Nisyros was to rumble, a seven-mile exclusion area would have meant the entire island would have to be evacuated. I wonder if there are contingency plans for that? Evacuating the residents would be tricky enough, but when we were there we saw loads of tourist boats coming and going seemingly unchecked in any way.
And (as usual) I got cross with "Thought for the Day". The vicar who was spouting drivel was remembering the recent terrible fire in Grenfell Towers in London and the shootings in Borough market as well as his own recent serious heart attack. For some inexplicable reason they all seriously proved the validity of his faith in a loving God that most people would have thought wouldn't have allowed such things to happen.

I got to work. Several people commented on what a good holiday I'd had. No one needed to ask about it as everyone had seen all the piccies I'd posted to Facebook.
"My Boy TM" says I post too much stuff on the Internet. Does he have a point?

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