18 September 2017 (Monday) - Bus Ride

Every day there was a bus trip from the hotel into Kos Town. It was only seven euros each, and I’d been toying with the idea of going on that trip all the time we’d been in the hotel. Today was our last chance, but we were still indecisive. We finally made up our minds to go with only twenty minutes to spare.

Harriet Coach” arrived and off we went. Firstly we visited a few of the local hotels to pick up other passengers, and then it was a half-hour drive up to Kos-Town. Usually on such a trip in the UK you’d have a health and safety talk. There was none of that nonsense today. We got to the drop-off point and the driver told us (in broken English) that he was driving back at 3.15pm whether we were on the coach or not.

I programmed the location into my sat-nav and we went for a walk. We headed for the sea, then walked up alongside the castle. It was a shame we couldn’t get into the castle; it was closed on Mondays. We carried on along to the harbour. As we went we looked at the damage caused by the recent earthquake. Reading the tourist information signs I got the distinct impression that earthquakes happen a lot in Kos.

"er indoors TM" wanted to have a look round the agora to see the history. I was keen to have a look as there was an Earthcache in there. But we couldn’t get in as that too was closed on Mondays. We found the local McDonalds, but that was closed as well.
We found an interesting geocache… I say “interesting” – the cache itself was nothing particularly unusual.
It was just outside a local bar, but speaking to one of the locals in the bar (who knew all about it) I got the distinct impression that the thing was a thinly-veiled way of drumming up custom. It certainly worked for us; we stopped for a pint and a spot of lunch.

We carried on wandering; making our way slowly back to the pick-up point. We walked past a museum of local archaeology which didn’t open on Mondays (something of a theme here…) and got to the pickup point with time to spare. So we had a drink in the taverna over the road. The coach driver had pointed it out earlier and had recommended it. It was good, but it was possibly the only place on Kos where they didn’t speak fluent English.

We got driven back to the hotel where everyone else had spent the day by the pool. We joined them for a couple of hours before dinner, then went to the beach bar for a few drinks. We moved table fairly early on; someone’s cigar stank. There didn’t seem to be much of a no-smoking policy anywhere in Kos; it was just as well that few people smoked.

We took some drinks and went back to sit outside our apartments. We played cards and listened to the singer until midnight.

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