16 September 2017 (Saturday) - Lazy Day

Perhaps it was still the sunstroke? But I woke with something of a stomach ache, and was incredibly homesick. One of the (many) reasons that I don’t do holidays is that I do get very homesick.

We went up to brekkie and I found something that I didn’t like on the menu. Having sampled so much food over the last few days I was amazed to find that I didn’t like their scrambled eggs; far too salty. Others of our group weren’t happy with their breakfast either, having found half of a cocktail stick in the pancakes.

Today was something of a lazy day. With "er indoors TM" taken to her bed with a far worse stomach ache than mine, I got myself a crossword puzzle book and spent the morning sitting in the shade by the pool alternately swimming, watching swimming and crossword puzzling.
Being convalescent, this suited me; mind you I don’t know how some people do this for the entire holiday.

"er indoors TM" perked up after a spot of lunch and we walked down to the beach where some of the rest of our group had hired the UFO float for a ride. They’d haggled the price down somewhat so that they could get dragged about the sea behind a speedboat clinging to a rubber float for all they were worth. And all that for only fifteen euros a throw. Normally it would be twenty-five.

I was beginning to feel better, so I made a point of only staying in the sun for an hour or so; I had a shower and watched “Scooby Doo” (in German) on the telly until "My Boy TM" suggested a game of cards.
We played for an hour or so until dinner time.

For dinner today we went to the Italian restaurant. As well as having its main restaurant, the hotel had four other smaller dining establishments. Whilst still part of the all-inclusive deal, you had to book them in advance. We’d booked Italian for this evening.
The food was good. It was better than good. Mine was excellent; the red wine wasn’t bad, and the blue cheese was wonderful. But we were all rather disappointed. We’d been expecting something better that what we had been getting, and (in all honesty) they would have to be good to compete with the hotel’s usual fare.

We went to the beach bar for a few drinks, then with everyone else having something of an early night "er indoors TM" and I got some drinks and we sat outside our apartment listening to the singer in the next hotel. She was very good… and she gave me something of a revelation. It has been said that I don’t like live music. That is unfair; I like *good* live music. Most live music is awful because it isn’t music; it is noise. I have watched the musicians in so may live bands turning up their amplifiers so they can be heard over everyone else and rather than having a band you end up with a competition to create the most noise.
Tonight’s singer’s backing group were just that – a *backing* group. You could hear the singer over the music. It wasn’t noise.
A lot of bands could learn from that.

She gave up at about 11.30pm, and so did we.

I took a few photos today. A few more than yesterday…

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