23 September 2017 (Saturday) - Birthday Parties

I had a frankly terrible night spent laying awake whilst the puppy stomped all over me, interspersed periodically with attempts to burrow under the covers. I thwarted her most of the time, but still had to hoik her out of the bed more than once.
Over brekkie I had a look at Facebook whilst the dogs barked at what I can only imagine was the voices in their heads; the fact that there is absolutely nothing at all to bark at doesn’t stop them barking.

With "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" off at an interview we drove round to collect "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and Pogo and then went on to Little Burton Farm where Pogo and Treacle were having a dog family reunion. Five of the brothers and sisters of their litter met up with mummy dog and daddy dog (and several associated pooches) for a little get-together, seeing as it is their birthday on Monday.
It all went off as well as a dog reunion could be expected to; I took a few photos whilst we were at it.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of cheese on toast for dinner, and I spent a little while looking at the geo-map in preparation for tomorrow.
I did the monthly accounts, then had an argument with the bank. For years they have provided written statements for my current account and my credit card on the seventeenth of each month. However over the last year they have provided statements for each on seemingly random dates any time between the seventeenth and twenty-fourth. After fifteen minutues of listening to someone from Mumbai spouting incomprehensible gibberish I gave up.

I was feeling tired, so with "er indoors TM" off shopping I went to bed for the afternoon. I’ve not slept *really* well since we came back from holiday; it was good to have a few hours of sleep not disturbed by a restless puppy.

Suitably refreshed we walked up the road to the railway club where (after a little while) "My Boy TM" arrived to a surprise birthday party. Yesterday when fishing he was telling me about the meal that he had been led to believe he’d be going to this evening, and Cheryl’s cover story for what she was up to when she was actually preparing the party.
We had a rather good evening; my mummy and daddy were along; they were looking well...

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