9 December 2013 (Monday) - Stuff

Perhaps it was the excitement of a cheeky First to Find last night; I don't know why, but for once I slept well. I woke shortly before five o'clock, and over brekkie I watched the "Family Guy" take on the second Star Wars film. Last week I watched the first of these and was disappointed. I watched the second today and wasn't expecting much and so wasn't disappointed. Mind you I wasn't enthralled either.
And I got my toast all to myself; my dog woke too late this morning. I told him to look on this as a lesson in life: you snooze - you lose.
I don't think he understood the concept though.

It was foggy as I drove to work, and as I drove my piss boiled. There was talk on the radio about match fixing in professional sport. Don't these people earn enough already without having to supplement their over-generous incomes with bribes to throw matches? In the same way that the TV soaps are scripted (and I suspect much of the reality TV shows), is all sport fixed too?

Meanwhile the media again undermines the morale of the health services by claiming that people are waiting around too long in ambulances on arrival at hospitals. Perhaps some people do have something of a wait from time to time. Perhaps there might be a valid reason for this. After all hospitals are busy places. There aren't always beds immediately available. If there were the media would be running with allegations of how wasteful such a practice would be.
Perhaps the media might do the nation a favour by not undermining the National Health Service quite so much?

I stopped off at Morrisons for some shopping. I needed peppermints. Fifty four pence a packet or seven packets for two quid. I now have enough mints to last a while.
Once at work I did my bit, and gloated at my colleague who'd arrived for the early shift only to find she was on the late shift. That sort of thing is always very funny all the time it is happening to someone else.
I then had a text from the people who organise my house insurance. My policy was about to run out and could I contact them urgently. I did so, only to be told that their computer sends out texts like that when the mood takes it. They wished it wouldn't do so; my insurance was fine. I thought it was as I'd renewed it with them only the other day.
This isn't the first computer generated text which has had me flummoxed though. The vet's computer did much the same sort of thing a few weeks ago. Perhaps this is just the start of the rise of the machines? Let's hope not...

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