7 December 2013 (Saturday) - Bored

I wasn't feeling on top form last night and took myself off to bed at ten o'clock. I woke with a splitting headache at three o'clock and was up having my morning shave shortly after. I tried going back to bed, but dozed fitfully until "Furry Face TM" decided I should be up shortly before eight o'clock.
I got up to a relatively empty house; er indoors TM" had been ordered away on chaufferring duties. Over the half of my brekkie that my dog didn't eat I had a little look-see on the world of social media. It would seem that the date of the astro club's winter social has been changed, as has the venue. Perhaps this is God's way of telling me to get my arse in gear and swap my shifts so I can actually get along to the committee meetings that have been planned months in advance. And written on my calendar even though I don't look at the thing.

I took "Furry Face TM" for his walk. I forgot myself and we went round to the park. Fortunately the runners weren't there this morning. To compensate for this I met a silly old bat who had a go at me for having a "non neutered dog" off of the lead. I assured her he's been done. She assured me he hadn't. I picked up my dog and asked her to point out his "flowers and frolics", and I pointed out the scar from where they used to be. Silly old bat harumped at me and marched off in high dudgeon.
I suppose "Furry Face TM"'s shagging her dog hadn't helped matters. Fortunately OrangeHead and her chunky little friend were pleased to see us. I didn't mind their dogs jumping up to see me, and they know "Furry Face TM" (and his ways) of old.

We carried our walk round the to Singleton Lake, and then called in to see Lacey. The plan for today had been to take Lacey swimming. But she'd spent the night being sick so I contented myself with just spending half an hour with her and bandying insults with "My Boy TM".
On the way home we met up with OrangeHead (minus dogs and chunky little friend) at the bus stop in Bond Road. That was nice.

Whilst waiting for er indoors TM" to return I put the telly on. There was an advert which *really* boiled my piss. Compensation dot com... No one (and I mean *NO ONE*) goes into any medical profession with the intention of doing a shoddy job. Unfortunately mistakes do happen. The sooner we as a nation realise this the better.
Our current compensation culture is fundamentally wrong. The more that honest mistakes are persecuted, the less inclined anyone will be to work in a "caring" profession.
And people wonder why we as a nation have to recruit such a high proportion of our health care professionals from overseas because no one wants to work under the constant threat of litigation.

And then the day dragged. With lots we could have been doing I expected er indoors TM" to be home shortly after mid day. She got home at seven pm.
If I had known I could have made plans of my own. But the evening made up for the dull day. A good curry and we watched a new (to us) series - "Him and Her". It was rather good - if you like that sort of thing. WHich I do...

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