13 December 2013 (Friday) - Animatronic Dinosaurs

Having felt so tired for most of yesterday, yesterday evening I fell fast asleep in front of the telly. I eventually got kicked awake and I took myself off to bed (with a stiff neck) in the small hours.
I was still wide awake watching rubbish on the telly before 7am.

With brekkie watched I put the collar onto “Furry Face TM “ and took him for a walk. And I saw red. Whilst we were going through the park a gaggle of old biddies came the other way with their dogs. They made a fuss of Fudge; which is fine with me, and carried on their way. He followed their dogs, as he often does. I called him; they called him and quick as a flash bent down and made a fuss of him. The more I called him, the more they distracted him.
As I stood calling him, so their little party carried on walking away. I ran after them, grabbed my dog and put his lead on him. The old biddies weren’t happy. They assured me that they were looking after him, and he was fine with them. They also said that if I didn’t want them to take my dog then he should be on the lead so they knew not to try to take him. I didn’t actually tell any of them to go !#*! themselves, but I think they got the idea.
I suppose they meant well. I never have this problem with OrangeHead and her chunky little friend.

Once home “Furry Face TM “ went to sleep and I made one of my infrequent trips into Ashford town centre. My nephews want vouchers from the “Game” shop for Christmas. They are out of luck; the “Game” shop has closed down. I am assured there are such shops in other towns. I’m not driving to Folkestone or Hastings to muck about. I shall give them cash instead. It saves a whole lot of messing about on everyone’s part.
I also got a new tag for my dog’s collar. The old tag still has the phone number of where he used to live. He’s been my dog for over a year now. It’s time he had the right tag.
And outside the toy shop rather than having Santa’s grotto they had an animatronic dinosaur. A sign of the times?

I came home, and put my shoes on the radiator to dry out. I’ve only had the things since the end of August and they already leak. Perhaps I am expecting too much from Tesco’s cheapest?

I scoffed my lunch and slept through a film about the world’s most notorious drug runners. Mr Nice was billed as being a comedy. It might have been; I don’t know. I missed most of it.
And with lunch scoffed I looked at the household accounts. They could be a whole lot better. But they could be a whole lot worse. There were people sleeping rough in the town centre today. I really shouldn’t complain.

I had a couple of phone calls. One fool tried to sell be solar panels to power the house. Apparently you don’t need a sun-facing roof any more for solar panels to work. It would seem that this idiot’s company will sell me solar panels that don’t ever need to see the sun because they work from the sun’s radiation. I was told  that the sun radiates everywhere. When I asked if I could stick the solar panels in the living room and run it from the house lighting (thereby inventing perpetual motion) the chap finally realised I knew far more about the matter than he did.
And some chap from Mumbai claiming to be called Janet phoned from the Windows computer company. I asked him if my computer was “doing the virus on the Internet” and would he like all my passwords. He hung up.
The rest of the afternoon was squandered messing about designing pictures and logos.

The front door opened – it was ‘er indoors TM. I thought it was about mid-afternoon-sh. It was gone 6pm. Time certainly flew by today. ‘er indoors TM  then set off to monger some candles leaving me and “Furry Face TMhome alone. So I took my dog round the block. He gets fractious if he doesn’t get an evening walk. Once he was walked I got us a kebab to share, and we watched a film. “Little Voice ” is a really good film. And I didn’t sleep through any of it…

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