15 December 2013 (Sunday) - An Announcement

I went to bed shortly after pm last night. I got off to sleep reasonably promptly. I was up and shaved by 4am this morning. I shall phone the doctor tomorrow monring to chase up the referral to the sleep clinic. I feel sorry for er indoors TM"; by the time she gets up (at a proper getting-up time) I have usually been wide awake for several hours and am bored senseless and impatient to get on and do something.

Once dressed we drove into town for a liittle bit of shopping. er indoors TM" shopped whilst I walked "Furry Face TM" round the town. On Friday I mentioned that the "Game" shop had closed. Today I found a different branch of that shop. I also found three new tattooists. It's amazing what goes on in Ashford town centre when I'm not looking.

We collected "Daddies Little Angel TM" and went to Hastings for the family Xmas party. There was a minor episode on the way down involving five hyacynths and some mud, but we shall draw a veil over that. Suffice it to say we'll take the hoover to the car when we get chance.
Once in Wishing Tree Road we met up with family. We had a really good bit of scoff, and played passing parcels. Santa visited, we threw hats about, and an aannouncement was made.
My brother is getting married next year. I'm to be head groomsman.
Wikipedia is rather vague about what a head groomsman does. I suppose he gets to boss the other groomsmen about. Bearing in mind the other groomsman is "My Boy TM", that will be a casee of business as usual.

Once "Daddies Little Angel TM" was deposited back in Folkestone and er indoors TM" had gone bowling I spent an hour or so solving geo-puzzles. When the rain stops I shall go across the Romney Marsh and see if my solutions are correct.

In the meantime I have a pain in my chest. It has been there all day. And my hands are ver sore where the blisters burst. I think I overdid it up that tree yesterday...

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