11 December 2013 (Wednesday) - 11-12-13

With no need to get yp early I was wide awake at 3am. I lay awake for a bit, but boredom prompted me to be shaving at 4am. I then tried to sleep again, but was watching sstuff recorded on to the SkyPlus box at 5am. "Elegy" was a rather soppy ffilm which had me enthralled; if only for the fact that Penelope Cruz flopped them out half way through, and then brought them out for an encore later.

I'd watched the entire film (over two hours) and the Doctor Who episode "Daleks in Manhatten" before er indoors TM" got up for work. I then got "Furry Face TM"'s lead on to him (and his coat - it was cold) and we went to Viccie Park; I'd organised a geo-meet. Geocachers like those occasional co-incidences of numbers and so for eight minutes at ten past nine on the eleventh of the twenfth twenty-thirteen we met up. I realised that this wasn't the most convenient of times, but I was pleasently surprised with the attendence. Despite the really cold day a dozen of us turned out and chatted.
Billed as being an eight-minute meet, we gossiped for the best part of an hour before going our different ways. I walked through the part with another cacher for a bit before bringing "Furry Face TM" back home again. Once home he yummed up his breakfast and went to sleep.

With dog asleep I crept out of the house and made my way to the train station. Half an hour later I waas in Maidstone for a littlle solo geocaching, then on to the afternoon meet - 11-12-13 14:15. A dozen or so other cachers met and chatted for a while before dispersing in our various ways. I carried on hunting out small plastic boxes round Maidstone until it got dark, then I made my way to Bearstead. As I walked there I met school chucking-out time. There were a thousand girls all coming along the road toward me. All in identical uniforms except three. One was clad in skin-tight latex much like a porn star; one was dressed as a cow, and the third was dressed as Hitler. I wonder what that was all about.
And there was a minor altercation when some silly old duffer walked into me, and then tried to pick a fight about it. I actually had to point out to the old fool which one of us was the doddery O.A.P. and which one would cane his arse.

As I walked I found the Rose Inn. I was cold; it was dark and there was a fire in the pub. I got a pint of London Pride and read my Kindle app by the fire as I warmed up. After half an hour I carried on walking. One more geocache, and then I went in to The Lion of Kent where I sank another pint whillst waiting for the masses to assemble. The third 11-12-13 event for tthe day was a fish supper in the chippie over the road from the pub I'd settled into.
It was a very good fish supper...

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