3 December 2013 (Tuesday) - A Day in the Life...

It was after 8am when I emerged from my pit this morning. I like that !! I scoffed my toast (ably assisted by “Furry Face TM “, and then as ‘er indoors TM set off to work I took my dog for a little walk.
Yesterday I was out walking with him for about four hours and he was as good as gold. Today in an hour and a half he tried to pick fights with a Chihuahua, three Labradors, two Mastiffs, five cats, three motor bikes, four white vans, a dustbin lorry and a Eurostar. And there was an embarrassing incident when a small child wanted to stroke him. He was quite happy to be stroked, and jumped up to the little girl. Both girl and dog seemed very happy with each other’s company. However when they parted I remembered that he’d just come out of the river. The little girl’s lovely pink coat was filthy with mud. Woops.

Whilst we were out I concealed another geocache. It’s a Doctor Who themed one. I wonder if it will generate more interest than the last one I put out; after two weeks only one person has bothered with it; which is rather disheartening.

After a spot of lunch I watched a rather gory film and then ironed for a while before hovering (with a Dyson). With laundry chores done I spent an hour or so solving puzzles for a possible mission to Maidstone next week.
There was a sound from downstairs - “My Boy TMwas hunting for his tax disc. He don’t’ get any quieter.

‘er indoors TM was rather late home from work. It tuned out that a water main had burst somewhere along the A28 and the entire town was gridlocked. I read all about it on social media. It was the sort of incident which was rather entertaining all the time it is happening to someone else.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered and after insults had been bandied we watched the latest instalment of “Merlin”. In tonight’s episode the king croaked.

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