4 December 2013 (Wednesday) - Sore Bonce

I woke in something of a sweat this morning. I’d had this rather vivid dream that seven year old Lacey wanted to have a go at tattooing and she’d drawn (carved) the world’s worst attempt at Mickey Mouse across my face. I found myself jumping awake with something of a sense of relief to find it was all a dream.

My dog helped me scoff my toast, and I checked the internet. The rather tricky puzzle cache I’d set yesterday had gone live shortly after 6am, but no one had found it by 8.30am. That is unheard of in Ashford. I checked all my sums and calculations but could find no mistake. With brekkie scoffed I took my dog for a walk. He got into quite a nasty and vicious fight with a Labrador in the park; he got quite a shouting-at after that little fracas. I think it worked (for a while) since he walked at heel for a good ten minutes after that.
He then terrorised two Scotties and a Lurcher and there was a rather entertaining few minutes when he was being mocked by a flotilla of passing ducks. The ducks seemed to know he wouldn’t go into the pond after then, so they took up station about five yards offshore in Singleton Lake and wound him up. He soon lost interest in the ducks when he met up with a passing Spaniel and the two of them had quite a good game together. At one point the Spaniel jumped in the pond, and Fudge jumped in as well. This rather upset the ducks that all swam off as quickly as they could.

Once home I got the lawn mower out. It’s arguably a little late in the year to be mowing the lawn, but its best kept short, if only to aid location of what Fudge leaves behind.
It has to be said that he garden is a mess. A few years ago it was rather good. Not any more.

And then the guitar started. Someone nearby has got an electric guitar and was having a strum. When I get my sax I too shall make a noise. Mind you it won’t be any time soon. Saxophones aren’t cheap. I saw one was for sale in Maidstone, but turned out he wanted far too much money for it. When I turned the offer own the chap said that he was open to offers; did I have any gold or other valuables I might like to offer as payment (!)
I then had a look at my diary for the next few weeks and into the new year, but until I get my next shift rota I couldn't really plan very much, so I didn't. Instead I wasted some time in Candy Crush Saga until er indoors TM" came home. We then scoffed a rather good curry whilst watching more episodes of "Big Bang Theory".

And my head hurts. It's done so all day. On Monday when out I managed to head-butt a branch and I seem to have carved a lump out of my bonce. It's still rather sore...

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