10 December 2013 (Tuesday) - More Stuff

I expect most of my loyal readers would be surprised to hear that I was sleeping well last night. I slept very well until 4am when my phone went mental. Text after text came in. All from my mobile phone supplier telling me about all sorts of drivel which could easily have kept until the morning.

I didn't get back to sleep after that. Eventually I emerged from my pit and watched episodes of "Family Guy" until it was time to go to work.
As I drove there was extensive coverage of the preparation ofr the funeral of Nelson Mandela. As important as the chap was to recent history, there is no denying that the description of a stadium filling up with mourners does not make for good radio.

In between desciptions of people going to a funeral there were occassional other snippets of news. Apparently there is consternation about the state of physical education in our schools.
When I was a lad P.E. lessons were a torment. It was a chance for the most physically adept to kids in the class to lord it over everyone else. Apparently little has changed in forty years.
Mind you in retrospect my school had a stroke of genius. Children were divided into five sets according to ability. Set one had the children who were really good at sports; set five had those less talented. After a while the teachers realised there were two distinct types of child in set five. There were those who wanted to do sports but were rubbish at it, and there were those of us who loathed and despised sport. A spin-off set (set six) was created for those who were not at all sporty. And whilst everyone else played football, the Latin teacher would take us in set six for a walk through the countryside.
Forty years later Mr Hatchard's influence still has me hiking on a regular basis.

I stopped off at "Pets at Home" on the way to work. "Furry Face TM" seems to like Baker's dog food. I thought I'd get a job lot from the pet shop. As I have said before, it pays to shop about. The Cheapo Bargains shop in Ashford does the dog food for only two thirds of the price charged by "Pets at Home".

And with a few minutes before I was due at work I phoned my mobile phone supplier to complain about the spate of texts that had woken me up. They were rather dismissive of me. Apparently they have a known problem with their system. I asked if they would offer my compensation for the inconvenience I'd suffered. They said if they offered my anything they would have to offer compensation to everyone else they wake up every morning (!)
Once at work I did my bit, and with my bit done I came home. I came home the long way. Just before leaving I checked my emails and was told that one of my geocaches had gone missing. The one in question contains a Chinese puzzle box. Replacing that wouldn't be cheap. I drove out to the middle of nowhere to check on the thing only to find it was fine...

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