1 April 2011 (Friday) - The Spoke and Jim Show

Thanks to the wonders of Sky Plus technology I got to watch the second episode of the new series of “V” this morning before work. Earlier in the week I grumbled about TV scriptwriters using pseudo-science. The scriptwriters of “V” did it again. And again made a complete nonsense of what was otherwise a good program. Given that a person supposedly has a high phosphate level, the written lab result seen on screen should bear this out. It should not actually show a low result. Perhaps I’m being picky, but at least Star Trek had the decency not to blag it, but to make up words, and when they interphaced the dilithic contrfibulators I (for one) was happy.

And so to work where I received an email. A company with whom I deal very occasionally have offered me their app for my phone. Do they honestly think that I am so sad that I will want to peruse their website from my phone? Obviously enough people must do so to make it worth their while bothering.

And so to Folkestone for a birthday party. Whilst the girly-types did girly-type things in the kitchen, me and the birthday boy and the multitude watched some films. First of all the Spoke and Jim Show, which was very good. Then we watched “Toy Story 3” which was not so good. A very long time ago I made the comment that in my honest opinion Disney films are too babyish even for babies, and I’m afraid that over the years I’ve seen nothing to make me change my view. And then we watched “Despicable Me”, which I loved. The only problem was that it was getting late, and I kept nodding off. I must get that film and watch it properly….

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