28 April 2011 (Thursday) - Dull

Yesterday I mentioned about plans for our mosaic which will be made from old plates, tiles, chinaware and crockery, and put out a request for old plates and the like. Today a box of broken plates arrived from Glynis. Cheers Glynis (!)
If anyone else has any unwanted crockery do let me know. Otherwise I might just come round and help myself…..

What with tomorrow being a bank holiday for most of the country (but not me!), it didn’t suit that many people to be ill today, and so work was rather quiet. In fact the highlight of the day was determining who was the better looking out of Kate Middleton and Leslie Crowther. Surprisingly (or not) Leslie Crowther won with two thirds of the votes cast. This was promptly followed by a competition in which contestants were asked to name their sexiest top ten US presidents. There seemed to be a consensus of opinion for Ulysses S Grant being #1, and Grover Cleveland being #2, but the next eight positions never got decided: there was no agreement whatsoever (other than that there was a wide regard for James Buchanan’s haircut).

Fortunately having had an early start meant for an early finish, and so I came home to set about the ironing. During the course of my marathon ironing session everyone who generates ironing for me came and went, and after two hours I gave up. There’s still some (lots) to do – it will still be there in the morning.
Seeing how I was left “Home Alone” this evening I sulked for a bit, and then decided to treat myself to fish and chips. Half way to the chip shop there is a Chinese take-away, so I changed my mind and had Chinese. I wish I’d kept going and had fish.

Some days are just so dull……

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