27 April 2011 (Wednesday) - This n That

Before work this morning I went to Sainsbury’s to get some lunch. I’ve mentioned before that Tesco’s staff don’t like shoppers in their way in the mornings: Sainsbury’s staff would seem to be the same. It was made quite clear that I was in their way, even though the shop had (supposedly) been open for an hour and a half already.

Yesterday I mentioned about possible ground works in the garden. Today I phoned around to price up a pre-purchased tile mosaic for the garden. No one seemed to do one small enough for what I want, so I decided just to refurbish the decking. In the meantime “Daddies Little Angel TM(being of an artistic bent) has designed a mosaic for us.
I was in a quandary – I really like the idea of a hand-made mosaic, but the area for the mosaic/decking is somewhere that we spread out deck chairs and the like. A really nice hand made mosaic might get spoiled if it were there. So I’ve decided we’ll repair the decking that’s already there, and install the mosaic as a feature in it’s own right elsewhere in the garden. I’m quite looking forward to it. I even had a planning meeting with the chief architect (“Daddies Little Angel TM) in B&Q this evening.
In the meantime I’m reliably informed that the mosaic will be made from old plates, tiles, chinaware and crockery. So if any of my loyal readers have any old plates and stuff you don’t want, please let me know.

And so home to find my credit card bill waiting for me. Normally I can account for every penny on that bill. Today there I found that ‘er indoors TM had squandered forty three quid of my hard-earned cash in Tesco on March 27. I wonder what that was all about?
I also had an email from my Internet provider to tell me that they were making improvements on my broadband speed. Since I packed up with BT and got my land-line from my internet provider I’ve noticed that my broadband speed has slowed. Apparently it’s going to speed up over the next few days. We shall see. Still, I shouldn’t complain. The land-line bill is cheaper than it used to be. Having said that, I’ve half a mind to do away with the land line altogether. After all, in the twenty-first century who uses a land line to make a phone call anyway? (Apart from my mother!)
And another email gave me the option to insure my Kindle against rock and tempest, fire and foe. I can get three year’s cover for ten quid per year. On the other hand I could just look after it, as I expect it’s covered on the household insurance anyway.

Being the last Wednesday of the month, it was arky-ologee club. Sometimes good, often dull, at least once a year there is a talk worth going to, and that was tonight’s.  One of the club members is a wonderful speaker; having given talks before on the indiscretions of Admiral Nelson, the porking history of King William IV, and the entire sordid stories of the uncles of Queen Victoria.
Tonight she told of the craze that swept American society from (about) 1890 to 1910. During that time over four hundred American debutantes married English aristocrats; bringing with them a minimum of several million dollars in cash. And having married, a lot of them then promptly got divorced and then set up with another milord….

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  1. We have considered getting rid of the landline as the only people who use it are those who want to sell us stuff (ususaly American computers) despite our being members of the Telephone Preference Service, but we get it as part of our broadband and Cable TV from Virgin. Also the credit reference companies seem to live in the last century as apparently not having a fixed landline telephone number is counted as a negative on your credit rating. I just wonder if these are the same people who gave the Banks top credit ratings for lending money to people who obviously couldn't pay it back.