21 April 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

Being on a late start I had some time to go through my post which has piled up during the week. There wasn’t very much of it today.
The cover for my Kindle has arrived. The official ones from Amazon are thirty quid each. I got something from eBay for a fiver. And it’s pink! My tax disc has arrived, as has my bank statement (skint!). I also had the car insurance renewal documents. I just filed them. ‘er indoors TM  does all the insurance shopping and haggling; I just pay for it.

There was a letter from the Open University telling me that they are reducing the frequency of the magazines and newsletters they send out. That’s probably for the best – I graduated from the OU in 1995, and in the last sixteen years I’ve not really been interested in what they are doing. From my time in the OU I can recall there being a very active student union comprised of a very small number of people doing every OU course that existed because the OU was their social life. The OUSA ( or “oh you silly arse” as we came to call it) is probably a very well meaning body, but I wasn’t interested in it when I was an undergraduate with them, and now sixteen years later I really have no interest in it at all. I wish they’d stop sending me bumf through the post – I never asked them to do so in the first place.

To town, and as I was early I shopped around for shirts. Marks & Spencer, Top Shop, Littlewoods, Burtons all sell shirts. All at about four times the price that I can buy them in Tesco.
And so to the optician. Back when I was a lad you sat down and read from a chart. Now it’s all high-tech gizmos, optical pressure measurements and reds and greens. My distance vision is much the same as it ever was (i.e. not good), but it would seem there’s been rather a change in my close-up visual acuity. Which would explain why I can’t see to tie my fishing hooks. New specs have been ordered (as have the free prescription sunglasses). They should be with me in a couple of weeks’ time.

And then to work. A chap with whom I’ve worked since 1984 retired today. We were both at the hospital shortly after the place was built, Tim was at my wedding, we had children within months of each other (twice), but since he’s a little older than me, he got to retire first. Work will seem odd without him being there…..

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