13 April 2011 (Wednesday) - Stuff

When I was a child the world seemed such a (potentially) wonderful place – with smallpox and so many other diseases eradicated and men on the moon, there was nothing humanity couldn’t do. Since then we’ve all got mobile phones in our pockets; devices with more computing power than the vessels that (forty years ago) carried men to the moon.

But now I despair. Where we once had the potential to actually have a world worth having, we have barbarism. Under the guise of religion, but barbarism nonetheless.
Of all the things I expected of the world when I was younger, the last thing I expected was a world still in the thrall of outdated medieval morality.

As a child I looked forward to moonbases and men on Mars. Now I honestly live in fear of a civil war in which decent citizens will be defeated by a crackpot fringe still in thrall to a (frankly) ridiculous religious belief.

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