14 April 2011 (Thursday) - Curry Night

Something odd is going on over the road. Every morning at about 7.15am a van pulls up outside my house, and a little fat bloke runs to and fro across the road, taking large cardboard boxes from the house over the road which he loads into his van. As he runs to and fro, a little fat lady stands on the doorstep of the house, checking things off on her clipboard.
This morning I tried to see what was going on without appearing to be obviously nosey, but I couldn’t. The parcels that come out of the house over the road don’t seem to be addressed, or have any labelling at all. I wonder what they are, and what’s going on.

I then popped into Asda to get some lunch. As always I used the self-service checkouts. All was fine until I tried to weigh my banana. And then in a very loud voice the self-service checkout started repeatedly announcing that it was having a code five situation. Immediately I was surrounded by seemingly hundreds of Asda employees, all excitedly whispering about the code five situation. None of them actually doing anything to help, but all seemingly very excited about the whole thing. One of them suggested that we needed Tony, and within seconds Tony arrived to deal with the code five situation. I asked Tony if I could help by using one of the other self-service checkouts. Tony readily agreed to my suggestion and I managed to buy my dinner without incident.
As I left the shop Tony (and his audience) had the broken checkout machine in pieces across the floor, with one of the pieces still loudly broadcasting that there was a code five situation in progress.
I can’t wait till tomorrow to see if the problem has been resolved.

To work, where I did my bit, and then home again. Seeing how it was a Thursday, we set off to the County hotel. Thursday is curry night – a decent curry, pudding, two pints of ale and change out of a tenner.
Nine of us met up for a scoff. This may well become a regular event…..

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