7 April 2011 (Thursday) - Music, Lunch, Fish Poo...

On Monday I mentioned how I’d rigged my car radio so’s I could play the music on my phone through it. Being rather loathe to flatten the phone’s battery I eBayed for a car charger, and it arrived this morning, so I thought I’d have a trial run with the phone’s music selection on the drive to work today. On Monday whilst parked outside my house the music was clear and crisp. This morning with my car parked in Christchurch Road the music was rather crackly. But as I drove off, so the reception improved, and was perfect as I drove past my house. However the quality deteriorated as I slowed at the traffic lights at the end of Beaver Road. I soon found that the sound quality is directly proportional to the car’s speed. The slower I go, the worse the sound quality. Also, every time I go round a corner there is tremendous interference from Radio 2. All things considered, playing my phone music through the car’s radio is a good idea in theory, and seems to work all the time I don’t go slower than 25mph or turn any corners. Somewhat impractical in practice.
I suppose I could get a car radio with an MP3 player or something along those lines and plug the phone in directly, but I’ve managed fine so far with a CD player.

For a change I thought I’d try Waitrose for dinner today. I’ve mentioned that I like the “help yourself” salads in Sainsbury’s. Waitrose have them too – nearly half the size for nearly twice the price. I thought I’d get a tortilla wrap too. That wasn’t cheap either. Last Saturday I pondered who could afford to spend thirty thousand pounds each year on school fees. Now I know – the people who shop in Waitrose.
Mind you, I’m seriously considering jacking in the whole “salad for lunch” idea. Despite all this healthy eating and having started cycling last weekend, I put on two pounds this week. I’m now back to the same weight as when I started this diet lark back in January.

And after work I came home. I say “home” – I had to check it was the right house. “My Boy TMhad tidied up. The living room was amazing – we’ve got a table again! And he’d had a go in the kitchen too. Being off work with his broken foot has left him *really* bored.
I then noticed the pond filter was starting to leak. Just a drip, but a leak. So I emptied it out, disassembled it all, and washed the fish poo out of the works. I don’t mind the fish poo, even if I do smell of fish poo for a day or so afterwards. It’s the weight of the thing which is the problem. I’m seriously considering a vortex-self-cleaning fish pond filter. If only it didn’t cost over four hundred quid…

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