31 March 2011 (Thursday) - This n That

Having got myself a telescope I was seriously considering taking myself (and a contingent) off to the Kelling Heath Star Party this year. Billed as one of the “must-do” events for the amateur star-gazer I saw this as my opportunity to learn from the experts. After all I’ve got the telescope and all the kit. And I’m no stranger to camping.
The only problem is that the thing started today. I’ve missed it. I didn’t know it was on.
This would seem to be one of the themes which run through my life. There are so many events that I would like to have done: the only problem being I didn’t find out about them until after the event.
Still, I’ve found out there’s a Sparks convention in Brighton on the evening of the kite festival in May. I’m not missing this one. I wonder if anyone will go with me…?

I received a message through Facebook today asking me to support the work of the Church of Jesus. Their mission is to “help those who need God's work both abandoned and abused children, abandoned and abused elders, indigenous men and women, Battered Women. Us through their contributions to support those in need, working with all they need from their collaboration through PAYPAL
I *really* don’t understand. If their God is as all-powerful as they claim it is, then it doesn’t need my financial help to improve the lot of the disadvantaged. So their God must want the disadvantaged to suffer (for no adequately explored reason). Furthermore should I offer any financial help to these people, then I would be going against their God’s holy plan for the universe, and thereby risking hell fire for myself.
On the other hand if their God really needs my financial input to help these people, then it can’t be that all-powerful, and certainly isn’t worth my while wasting time sucking up to it.
The bottom line is that I’m not going to send them any money since, for all that helping the needy is a very worthwhile cause, some of the cash will obviously get siphoned off to finance the religious crackpots.
I think I’ll stick to charity without religion.

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  1. You and me both.