10 June 2010 (Thursday ) - see you all soon.....

The plan was to have today off work so that I could pack the car and be ready to leave for Teston promptly tomorrow morning. However, having been told that we can camp from Thursday morning, I’ve had the car loaded up since the weekend ready. I suppose it might be seen as getting there a tad early, since the kite festival doesn’t start until Saturday morning. But I’m not going to a kite festival. I’m going on a camping trip with friends and family; many of whom I don’t see anywhere near as often as I’d like, and the fact that there is a kite festival there is an added bonus.

My Boy TM ” is being left in charge at home. He didn’t make too much of a bog of it when we went to Weymouth. As long as he remembers to feed the fish, all will be fine.

I expect I shall publish a blow-by-blow account of my exploits when I get back. See you all on Monday….

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