14 June 2010 (Monday) - Home Again

I was lying in bed this morning listening to the dawn chorus, which personally I enjoy. One nearby pigeon joined in. He got as far as his third “Coo!” when I heard a bellow from three tents down, telling said bird to “SHUT THE !@?* UP!!” The bird did indeed shut the !@?* up; as did all the other nearby birds. But I got a fit of the giggles, and so was wide awake. I got up to find that last night’s forecast rain never came.

After a prompt start and a smashing omelette brekky we were soon all packed up. I was the first one on the field at 9.50am on Thursday, and last one off at 10.30am this morning. We’ve never got packed away so fast before. I think in future we will make a point of getting stuff away on the Sunday night again.

The camping gear got put away as fast as could be expected, and then I was harangued by some passing fit birds. With legs all the way up to their bums, and breasts 99.9% flopped out these two were more drunk that I was after the weekend’s port party. They asked me where the nearest pub was, and when I told then it was fifty yards up the road, they announced that was too far, and did I have any alcohol they could have? I rooted in the camping gear and found them a bottle of beer each, and they staggered off up the road quite happily.

And then in the afternoon we set off to Camping International in Gillingham. I announced we didn’t need sat-nav; I knew the way. Having given the instructions I then fell asleep, and woke to find us going the wrong way down the M2. But we didn’t go the wrong way for too long, and only wasted half an hour.

Having had our tent flood on Friday night I’m seriously considering a new tent with an all-round sewn in groundsheet, and might just have seen the one I want. Mind you, I’m not entirely against the idea of a trailer tent. I could store one of those in the front garden. All I need to do is to get a builder to remove the front wall…

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  1. Now i might just know someone who has a trailer tent that they dont use any more.